ERP Foundations Training Course

ERP Foundations is a 6-session live, online training course on Exposure and Response Prevention for adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

This course is delivered by Dr. Caitlin Claggett Woods, C.Psych.

Audience: Clinicians new to ERP and/or interested in expanding their practice to treat individuals with OCD.
Cost: $700
Time: 9am to 12pm
Dates: To be announced shortly!
Format: Online

The ERP Foundations course covers both the protocol components of ERP in addition to the process-based elements of delivering effective ERP. Further to teaching and practice related to psychoeducation, response prevention, and exposure development, this training includes functional analysis and formulation, maximizing motivation, identification of values and values-based actions, undermining maladaptive cognitions, and fostering willingness. Practitioners completing this training will be able to effectively and creatively implement ERP.

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